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Get Your Dental Crown in Just One Appointment

Dental Crown | Dentist Midwest City

If you have ever gotten a dental crown in decades past, you might be pleasantly surprised the next time you need one.

You probably remember the experience: You had to sit through an uncomfortable, goopy impression during your first appointment while your tooth was prepared. You were sent home with an awkward temporary crown for a few weeks while you waited for the lab to fabricate your permanent crown.

But with CEREC same-day crown technology at your Midwest City, OK dentist, your tooth will be prepared, the crown made, and your permanent restoration placed in one easy appointment.

What Is CEREC?

A CEREC crown is a restoration that is made in-house by our ...

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Need a Crown? It May Take Only One Visit!

Dental Crown | CEREC Crowns Midwest City, OK

In the past, getting a dental crown involved a two- to three-week process as well as more than one trip to the dentist’s office. Today, CEREC technology is available, which means, you can be fitted with a beautiful, permanent restoration in just one visit to the dentist!

If you are in need of a dental crown, ask your Midwest City, OK dentist about CEREC crowns.

How Does CEREC Work?

CEREC crowns are done with CAD/CAM technology, which takes an image of the tooth structure and fabricates a permanent crown restoration while you wait. You can say goodbye to goopy, unpleasant impressions, as well as multiple dental appointments.

What Does CEREC Mean?

CEREC is an ...

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