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Patient Testimonials
  • I love Diamond Dental I have zero complaints. This office is absolutely one of the best offices I have been in and I have been in many. Everyone is very professional and Dr. Amaya is excellent. I never have to wait...excellent service!
    Diana P.
    Dr Amaya and his staff are just great! As soon as you walk in you are warmly greeted, everyone is very open and friendly. All procedures are fully explained to you and any questions you may have are always quickly and honestly addressed.
    Karen M.
  • The staff was very patient and understanding with me on my first visit. I was a little nervous due to having bad experiences with past dental procedures. After talking with the doctor who will perform my cleaning, I became calm!
    Sherian S.
    I was there for a cleaning and X-rays, the lady was very kind and sweet, also very gentle and very thorough with everything she did. Made my dental experience very pleasant! Would highly recommend Diamond Dental to anyone looking for a wonderful dentist!
    Sherrie L.
  • I love my dentist, Dr. Brent Amaya, in MWC, OK! First and foremost he is totally committed to his patients. Knowing my susceptibility to infection, he ensured I was completely healed prior to inserting my implant. He is gentle during procedures and checks on my progress regularly. His staff is knowledgable, kind and caring.
    Wynoma B.
    Went in for regular teeth cleaning. As always, greeted with a smile from Rebecca. Friendly, wonderful techs that work on my teeth. Leigh Anne is wonderful to talk to. Kayla was out, but the hygienist filling in for her was a wonderful person who took time to clean my teeth with care, and Dr Amaya is always a pleasure to see.
    Mitchell O.


5 Ways Dental X-Rays Assist with Diagnosis

Dental X-Rays | Dentist Midwest City OK
Dental x-rays provide pictures of the inside of the mouth, including the teeth, bones, and soft tissue. They are a crucial part of dental diagnosis because they allow your dentist to assess your oral health beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. Your Midwest City, OK dentist Dr. Brent Amaya usually recommends that patients have dental x-rays taken at least once a year.How Dental X-Rays Assist with DiagnosisDigital x-rays do emit a tiny amount of radiation, but you are exposed to more radiation on an average flight of a couple of hours. Dental x-rays are scheduled when you need them, and this will be based on your ...

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7 Ways to Practice Self-Care Following an Extraction

Although tooth extraction is usually only recommended as a last resort, sometimes it is necessary. When you are facing tooth extractions, your Del City, OK dentist Dr. Brett Amaya will tell that proper aftercare can keep your pain to a minimum and lower your risk of infection.#1—Keep Pressure on the SiteAfter the procedure, your doctor placed a gauze pad at the site. Keep pressure on that gauze pad by gently biting down for an hour or so, repeating as needed—until the bleeding stops. Change to a fresh pad as needed.#2—Keep Your Head ElevatedYou should rest after your procedure, but you do want to keep your head elevated.#3—Rinse Your Mouth 48 ...

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Bridging the Gap: How Bridges Can Save Your Smile

Living with a significant gap in your smile because you are missing one or more teeth might be making you feel self-conscious. But did you know that left untreated, this gap can also be compromising the health of your remaining teeth?Talk to your Midwest City dentist Dr. Brent Amaya about dental bridges. With a dental bridge, you can smile with confidence again—and you can protect the rest of your teeth.What Is a Dental Bridge?A dental bridge is attached to crowns on either side of a gap where you are missing teeth. These anchor teeth—called abutment teeth—support the bridge, which has false teeth on it. The bridge is attached permanently, so ...

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Congratulations on Your New Implant! How to Help It Last a Lifetime

You have finally finished treatment on your new dental implant. Let us be the first to say congratulations! Not only can you smile without feeling self-conscious, but you have gone a long way toward protecting your oral health. Having a dental implant can keep the rest of your teeth from shifting out of place and can keep your jawbone healthy—protecting against further tooth loss.Now that you have a dental implant, you might be wondering: How do I make sure my investment lasts a lifetime? As always, you should defer your specific questions about dental implants to your Del City, OK dentist Dr. Brent Amaya of Diamond Dental. We also ...

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Get Your Dental Crown in Just One Appointment

Dental Crown | Dentist Midwest City
If you have ever gotten a dental crown in decades past, you might be pleasantly surprised the next time you need one.You probably remember the experience: You had to sit through an uncomfortable, goopy impression during your first appointment while your tooth was prepared. You were sent home with an awkward temporary crown for a few weeks while you waited for the lab to fabricate your permanent crown.But with CEREC same-day crown technology at your Midwest City, OK dentist, your tooth will be prepared, the crown made, and your permanent restoration placed in one easy appointment.What Is CEREC?A CEREC crown is a restoration that is made in-house by our ...

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When Your Child Feels Anxious about the Dentist: 3 Compassionate Solutions

Child Dressed as Superhero | Children's Dentistry Midwest City
It’s important to bring your children to the dentist at an early age. But what if your child suffers from anxiety over seeing the dentist? It might be easy to put off that next dental appointment, but it’s crucial that you help your child work past the anxiety.One of the ways to do that is to visit a dentist who is skilled at children’s dentistry, and in Midwest City, OK, Dr. Brent Amaya of Diamond Dental is a compassionate, experienced practitioner.Here are some other solutions that might help you out:Let Your Child Know About Visiting the Dentist BeforehandChildren thrive on routine and predictability, so don’t wait until the last ...

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A Brief History of Orthodontics

Woman Holding Clear Braces | ClearCorrect Midwest City
The next time you pick up the new aligners for your clear braces from your Midwest City, OK dentist, you might consider the history of orthodontics—and just how far its come since the days of the ancient Egyptians and their search for the perfect smile.Archeologists have found rudimentary orthodontic-like appliances in mummies, probably fashioned out of catgut. There is further evidence some years later that Etruscan women used a gold band around their teeth to protect them from shifting in the afterlife. During Roman times, it was recommended that people try to push their teeth into proper alignment with their fingers.There was little in the way of what we know ...

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