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Periodontitis and Pregnancy: Why You Should See Your Dentist While Pregnant

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If you’re pregnant, you might have spent some time thinking about the prospect of needing children’s dentistry in Midwest City, OK when your little one is old enough. But have you considered the importance of visiting the dentist yourself, while you are pregnant?

Knowledge about the connection between dental health and systemic health is fairly recent, and experts today are studying the effects of periodontal disease on pregnancy. Gum disease puts pregnant women at a higher risk for giving birth prematurely as well as low birth rate.

Pregnancy is an exciting time—and a busy time of nursery planning, doctor appointments, and hospital tours. But it’s important that pregnant women not put off ...

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Make the most of your dental benefits!

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Most dental plans have a maximum amount that the plan will pay up to in a year. Generally, this period runs from January 1 st through December 31 st and then it re-sets for the following year. Therefore, if you are in need of any dental work and you have not reached your maximum, it would be a good idea to take advantage of those benefits before they expire. Here is an example of how to do that. Let’s say your insurance plan has a maximum of $2,000 and you have only had two cleanings this year. This means you might still have $1,500 left to use for any needed ...

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Considering Orthodontics—But You’re Not a Teenager Anymore?

Six Month Smiles Midwest City OK

You may have resigned yourself to living with crooked teeth. After all, you are not a high schooler anymore. You have a job. Meetings. Special events. And who wants to do any of those things with a mouth full of metal wires and brackets?

The good news is that you don’t have to! There are options for adult orthodontics that fit well into the adult lifestyle. Six Month Smiles is a great option for straightening teeth in a shorter amount of time than traditional orthodontics. Six Month Smiles are so subtle-looking, people will barely notice you are wearing braces!

Call your Midwest City, OK dentist about invisible braces such as Six Month ...

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