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Get Your Dental Crown in Just One Appointment

Dental Crown | Dentist Midwest City

If you have ever gotten a dental crown in decades past, you might be pleasantly surprised the next time you need one.

You probably remember the experience: You had to sit through an uncomfortable, goopy impression during your first appointment while your tooth was prepared. You were sent home with an awkward temporary crown for a few weeks while you waited for the lab to fabricate your permanent crown.

But with CEREC same-day crown technology at your Midwest City, OK dentist, your tooth will be prepared, the crown made, and your permanent restoration placed in one easy appointment.

What Is CEREC?

A CEREC crown is a restoration that is made in-house by our dentist using computer-aided design software. The result is a durable restoration that will look very much like your natural tooth. And just because it is quicker to design, produce, and place, this doesn’t mean you’ll be sacrificing durability or aesthetics. In fact, because CEREC uses no metal in the fabrication process, you won’t have that telltale metal ring your likely have at the bottom of your older dental crowns.

When Is CEREC Used?

A CEREC crown is used in the same situations where a traditional dental crown might be used, including:

  • To repair a tooth that has become broken or fractured
  • To save a tooth that has a large amount of decay in it beyond what a filling can fix
  • To strengthen a tooth that has become brittle because of a root canal
  • To hold a dental bridge in place
  • To finish off a dental implant

Am I a Good Candidate for a CEREC Crown?

Most patients are excellent candidates for CEREC crowns. We can confirm that with you after Dr. Amaya has conducted a thorough examination.

Call Diamond Dental About CEREC Crowns

Getting a dental crown in Midwest City, OK doesn’t have to be a hassle with convenient CEREC technology. Give us a call to find out more!