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ClearCorrect Invisible Braces—Not Seeing Is Believing!

If you are an adult who has bypassed the teen years without getting orthodontics, you might have simply resigned yourself to crooked or misaligned teeth for the rest of your life. After all, a mouth full of metal doesn’t lend itself well to an adult in the workplace. You might also be unwilling to commit to the length of time most traditional orthodontic treatment takes.

But it might be time to think again. With today’s modern orthodontics, invisible braces are available. Not only do they straighten teeth in a way that is much more discreet than metal wires and brackets, but they can do it in a fraction of the time.

If you are finally ready to do something about your teeth, give Diamond Dental a call. Dr. Brent Amaya, your Midwest City, OK dentist, would love to talk to you about invisible braces.

How Do ClearCorrect Invisible Braces Work?

With ClearCorrect Invisible Braces, you will be fitted with clear plastic aligners that nudge your teeth into the proper position. Every few weeks, you will receive a new set of aligners that you will swap out for the old set.

You will be required to leave the aligners in for a specific number of hours each day—usually around 22 or 23 hours. They are removed for eating and cleaning your teeth.

Advantages to ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

Other than the fact that they are practically invisible, there are other advantages to ClearCorrect Invisible Braces:

  • There are no food restrictions because you take them out to eat. This also means you can brush and floss your teeth thoroughly, with no wires and brackets to get in the way.
  • They are more comfortable than traditional braces because there are no metal wires to poke or rub the inside of your mouth.

Disadvantages to ClearCorrect Invisible Braces

The only drawback is under your control: If you don’t wear the aligners for the minimum time each day, you might not get the results you are hoping for with treatment.

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