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5 Ways Dental X-Rays Assist with Diagnosis

Dental X-Rays | Dentist Midwest City OK

Dental x-rays provide pictures of the inside of the mouth, including the teeth, bones, and soft tissue. They are a crucial part of dental diagnosis because they allow your dentist to assess your oral health beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. Your Midwest City, OK dentist Dr. Brent Amaya usually recommends that patients have dental x-rays taken at least once a year.

How Dental X-Rays Assist with Diagnosis

Digital x-rays do emit a tiny amount of radiation, but you are exposed to more radiation on an average flight of a couple of hours. Dental x-rays are scheduled when you need them, and this will be based on your current dental health and your age.

The following are the most common dental x-rays:

#1—Bitewing x-rays. This x-ray shows the upper and lower back teeth. Your dentist is generally looking for decay between the teeth as well as checking how well your upper and lower teeth line up. These x-rays are also useful for showing bone loss from severe gum disease.

#2—Periapical x-rays. This x-ray shows the tooth from top to bottom, so the crown all the way down to the root is visible. Your dentist will look for problems that can occur below the gum line, such as impactions, cysts, and tumors.

#3—Occlusal x-rays. This x-ray shows your dentist the roof of the mouth. It can help identify jaw fractures, cleft palate, and cysts or abscesses.

#4—Panoramic x-rays. This x-ray gives your dentist a flat view of the entire mouth, including the sinuses, nasal area, and temporomandibular joints, all in one image. With these, your dentist can spot impacted teeth, fractures, infections, and bone abnormalities.

#5—Periapical x-rays. This is a full set of x-rays that you will most likely get during your first visit to the dentist so your overall oral health can be assessed.

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