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7 Ways to Practice Self-Care Following an Extraction

Although tooth extraction is usually only recommended as a last resort, sometimes it is necessary. When you are facing tooth extractions, your Del City, OK dentist Dr. Brett Amaya will tell that proper aftercare can keep your pain to a minimum and lower your risk of infection.

#1—Keep Pressure on the Site

After the procedure, your doctor placed a gauze pad at the site. Keep pressure on that gauze pad by gently biting down for an hour or so, repeating as needed—until the bleeding stops. Change to a fresh pad as needed.

#2—Keep Your Head Elevated

You should rest after your procedure, but you do want to keep your head elevated.

#3—Rinse Your Mouth 48 Hours After Surgery

Once you have reached the 48-hour mark, you can start rinsing your mouth with warm salt water every hour or two. Avoid mouthwash as the alcohol in it will irritate the extraction site.

#4—Keep the Site Clean

Brush around the site but avoid touching the sutures directly.

#5—Use Ice Packs to Control Swelling

If your face is swollen, you can use ice packs applied directly to your face near the extraction site to help reduce swelling.

#6—Eat Soft Foods

Until the site starts to heal, you should limit your diet to soft foods, such as yogurt, that are easy to eat. Make sure you are getting enough protein.

#7—Refrain From Smoking

The sucking motion of smoking will increase your risk of getting dry socket, so avoid this in the three or four days following your procedure. (For this same reason, you should avoid using straws as well.)

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