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The importance of regular dental checkups.


As most dentists we recommend our patients to come in twice a year for a dental checkup. These regular checkups are essential to maintain healthy teeth and gums and ensure that your daily oral health routine is still effective.

During these checkups, Dr. Amaya and his team will check for potential tooth decay, examine your gums, tongue, and bite and check for broken or loose teeth. Additionally, they will check up on any previous procedures such as fillings and crowns and evaluate any dental appliances you might have.

Additionally, to this exam, a checkup will typically include X-rays and a cleaning. The dental cleaning performed by one of our hygienists removes plaque and tartar that is difficult or impossible to get rid of during your at-home dental routine. Removing these substances is very important to avoid any oral diseases that can not only cause painful infections in your mouth but can also affect your overall health.

Regular visits will ensure your teeth and gums stay healthy and will substantially reduce your risk for any unwanted oral health conditions. So, don’t ditch the dentist and schedule your next appointment today. The entire team at Diamond Dental is excited to meet you or see you again.