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Why should I opt for a CEREC crown rather than a traditional dental crown?

The question might be, why shouldn’t you?

Why wait two or three weeks after getting fitted for a crown to wait for it to be fabricated? With CEREC technology, you can be fitted with a dental crown and have it permanently placed—all in the same appointment.

CEREC crowns are created with CAD/CAM technology. Dr. Amaya will get a precise image of your prepared tooth structure, which is sent directly to a milling machine located in the office. No goopy impressions needed. And there is no awkward temporary crown to deal with while you wait for your permanent crown.

Although convenience is undoubtedly the most significant advantage, there are other benefits to CEREC as well:

  • The crowns created are all ceramic; no metal is used, so there is no black line around the bottom of the crown.
  • Because a CEREC crown is designed and fitted in the same appointment, it can be adjusted easily to be more comfortable.
  • CEREC crowns match the color of your teeth for a seamless look.
  • Traditional dental crowns don’t match the strength of CEREC restorations.

Getting dental crowns in Midwest City, OK is easy with one-appointment CEREC technology. Find out more today!