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What is the difference between a CEREC crown versus a traditional dental crown?

Traditional crowns

The main difference between the two is convenience. With a traditional dental crown, you have to go to the dentist, have your tooth prepared to receive a crown, then have a mold of the crown made. The mold is sent to the laboratory where your crown will be fabricated. You will have to wear a temporary crown for a few weeks until your custom crown is sent back to your dentist’s office. Then you’ll need to go in for a second appointment to have the new crown permanently placed. This whole process can take as long as a month.

CEREC crowns

With CEREC crowns, your tooth is prepared and a mold is made of your tooth using digital technology. These specifications are sent to a milling unit right here in our office. While you wait for about 15 minutes or so, the crown is fabricated. When it’s done, we’ll permanently cement the crown into place.

Other advantages to CEREC crowns is that they do not contain any metal, so there is little chance of gum irritation. CEREC crowns tend to blend in better with your natural teeth because they come in so many color options. CEREC crowns are just as durable as traditional crowns.