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How does CEREC work?

CEREC crowns in Midwest City, OK are an excellent option for people who need a dental crown. CEREC, which is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, means you only need to make one trip to the dentist to get your crown. The process is similar to that of getting a traditional crown—except CEREC means you get the tooth prepared, the crown fabricated, and the crown permanently cemented into place all in the same visit.

What is the process like?

Whether you need a crown to replace a large filling or if your tooth is damaged or misshapen, your dentist will first start preparing the tooth to receive the restoration. Dr. Brent Amay will numb the area with a local anesthetic so that you won’t feel anything during the procedure.

Once the tooth has been prepared, Dr. Amaya will take an optical impression of the tooth. Unlike the messy, goopy impressions that are taken with traditional crowns, this involves taking a digital photograph, so it is much more pleasant.

The image will be sent to the CEREC machine, which will generate a 3-D image of the prepared tooth. From this image, a ceramic crown will be made that will be bonded permanently to your tooth—all while you wait.