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What are the steps involved with the CEREC crown process?

The first step is to prepare the tooth that needs to be crowned. A portion of the existing tooth will have to be filed away, leaving just enough of the structure to support the new dental crown. This is where most of the similarities between a CEREC crown and a traditional dental crown end.

Your dentist will next make an impression of the tooth to be crowned. But unlike in the past, there is no goopy, unpleasant paste involved with this step. Instead, high-tech 3D imaging is used to create a custom impression of the tooth electronically. The impression goes to a special fabrication unit located in the office. While you wait, your custom crown will be milled, usually in less than 15 minutes.

As soon as the crown is ready, Dr. Amaya will fit it on the tooth structure. After comfort and fit are confirmed to be just right, he will cement it into place.

With just one trip to the dentist office, you will be left with a perfect-fitting, natural-looking dental crown. Unlike traditional crowns, these ceramic crowns contain no metal, so you won't have a dark metal line at the bottom of the restoration.

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