Diamond Dental

How do I know if I have a dental emergency?

Sometimes it’s difficult to know whether your situation is a true dental emergency. If you are unsure, give us a call. If you are experiencing a true emergency, we will try to get you in as soon as possible.

The following situations will likely constitute a dental emergency:

  • If you have a toothache that has gotten excruciatingly painful, you probably have an infection in the pulp of your tooth. Depending on the situation, we may recommend a root canal. This procedure will not only eliminate your pain, but it will also save your tooth. Until you can be seen, you can try over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • If a tooth has been knocked right out of its socket, this too constitutes an emergency. Try to put the tooth back into the socket, if possible. Otherwise, hold it in your mouth between your cheek and gum, or put it in a small container with some of your own saliva—milk will work as well—until you can get to the dentist. In this situation, the sooner you can be seen, the better our chances of saving your tooth.
  • If you think you might have broken your jaw, tie a scarf around your head to hold your jaw into place. Use cold compresses to help relieve some of the pain and swelling. Get yourself to the Emergency Room as soon as possible.

If you think you have a dental emergency in Midwest City, OK, call Diamond Dental and we can advise you over the phone.