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What is the procedure for tooth-colored fillings?

If you have any old-fashioned amalgam (metal) fillings in your mouth, you’ll find the procedure for tooth-colored fillings to be quite similar. The main difference is that the process for tooth-colored fillings tends to go faster because less of the tooth structure has to be removed to make room for the filling—which translates into less time in the dental chair for patients. This is because the composite material used adheres directly to the tooth structure.

The process for tooth-colored fillings!

When you come in for a filling, Dr. Amaya will fully numb the area so you will not feel any of the drilling as he removes the decayed portion of the tooth. Once the tooth is ready to receive the filling, Dr. Amaya will apply the composite material in layers, drying each before putting on a new layer. You’ll be asked to bite down to ensure the filling does not interfere with your natural bite. He will make any needed adjustments to the filling before sending you on your way.

If you think you might have a cavity and you need a filling, or if you have any old amalgam fillings that need to be replaced, give our Midwest City, OK practice a call to learn more about tooth-colored fillings.