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Are dental implants removable like dentures or do they stay in your mouth?

For adults who have lost one or more teeth, dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. The titanium base of a dental implant takes the place of your missing tooth root and become fused with your jawbone. This gives Del City, OK dental implant patients the stability they cannot get with dentures.

In addition to being a tooth replacement option closest to your natural teeth, there are other benefits to dental implants:

  • They will save you money in the long run. Unlike dentures, which will need to be adjusted to fit properly over the years, dental implants will be just as comfortable in the future as they are when they are placed.
  • They will preserve your jawbone, preventing your face from getting a “sunken-in,” aged look that many denture wearers develop. Without tooth roots to stimulate the jawbone, the bone will shrink over time. A dental implant takes the place of your tooth root so the jawbone continues to receive nutrients from the body.
  • They will also protect the health of your remaining teeth. When spaces are left behind by missing teeth, the rest of the teeth in your mouth will shift to fill in that gap. Dental implants prevents this from happening.
  • There are no eating restrictions with dental implants. You can enjoy all of your favorite crunchy foods with these permanent tooth replacements.

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cartoon image of a dental implant