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How do Six Month Smiles work?

Six Month Smiles works by quickly but gently moving your teeth into the desired position with clear braces. Six Month Smiles focuses on the teeth that show when you smile so they are a cosmetic treatment for straightening teeth that do not need a major position shift with a bite. Most people achieve the results they desire in just about six months, so this is a quick option for obtaining straighter teeth.

Although treatment is generally just six months, Six Month Smiles uses low force to move the teeth into alignment. There is little risk of root damage or other issues because treatment is gentle, with extractions seldom being necessary.

For adults age 16 and older, Six Month Smiles offers braces that are barely visible. With today’s modern orthodontics, a mouth full of metal is not needed to straighten your teeth!

As with most orthodontics treatment, you will need to wear a retainer afterward to ensure the continued success of your new smile. If you don’t want a removable retainer, you can speak to your dentist about getting a bonded retainer.

Talk to your Midwest City, OK dentist about Six Month Smiles and whether they might be right for you!