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What makes ClearCorrect different from Six Month Smiles?


ClearCorrect treatment in Midwest City, OK uses clear plastic aligners that are nearly invisible to gently nudge teeth into the desired position. Every few weeks, patients will get a new set of aligners until treatment is finished. Treatment usually takes a year or two. Because the aligners are removable, keeping teeth clean is easier. There are also no food restrictions since aligners are taken out for eating. ClearCorrect works well for correcting teeth that are crowded, unevenly spaced, and overbites and underbites.

Six Month Smiles

In contrast, Six Month Smiles are made of clear plastic or tooth-colored material along with very thin wires, making them quite unobtrusive but still visible. However, most people won’t even notice you are wearing braces. Six Month Smiles provides effective treatment to correct dental issues in the front teeth, such as spacing, overbites, crowding, and overlapping. They provide straightening in a shorter amount of time than traditional braces, often in as little as six months.

Unsure of which treatment you might need?

If you are wondering which might be the best option for you, call Dr. Brent Amaya to make an appointment for a consultation. He can examine you and recommend an orthodontic treatment to give you the straight, beautiful smile you want.